Our History

Over 300 years of history sits behind Earthed by WM Clark.

Earthed by William Clark brings a traditional fabric and contemporary digitally printed designs together. The quality of the fabric William Clark produce has been honed over three centuries, with knowledge of textile processing passing down through generations still in play in the factory today. This internal knowledge is key in preparing these beautiful base fabrics for print and also in finishing them with a highly desirable handle. When you buy a fabric or product from us – you’re buying a little part of Irish textile history too!


William Clark & Sons is the oldest surviving linen factory in Ireland. Our business grew from the enterprising ideas of Jackson Clark, who saw the potential our natural landscape had to produce and finish linen. From the fertile soils used to grow flax, the humble river Clady supplying water for processing and later hydro power to drive our beetling engines and the expansive greens along the river ideal for laying out linen to bleach in the gentle Irish sun. Jackson established the first operation on this site in 1736 and to this day we still finish linen and cotton on-site servicing the fashion and interior markets. Our signature process is beetling, the pounding of linen to flatten the fibres giving it a lustrous sheen and making the fabric ideal for strengthening tailored seams, a firm favourite in Saville Row. We are the last large scale commercial beetlers in the world.