Material World – January

17th January 2017

Material World- January

Welcome to Material World, our roundup of a few of our favourite interior design blogs we’ve seen over the past month. As it’s January, we’ve naturally seen a lot of blogs on getting rid of the clutter, keeping things minimalist and predictions for the year ahead.

Barker and Stonehouse – Declutter Your Home for the New Year

A 70-year-old interiors store with a fantastic blog – Barker and Stonehouse have started off the year with something we all need a little help with sometimes: decluttering. This blog is packed with great storage tips to help you hide your clutter and freshen things up for 2017.

Don’t Cramp my Style – Interior Design Tips for a Minimalist Home

Manchester-based Anna, the brains behind Don’t Cramp my Style, is one of our favourite bloggers around. Her blog is full of amazing tips for making your home look incredible, even if you’re on a budget and living in rented accommodation.

Anna has started the year with a bang by putting out this brilliant, comprehensive guide to getting a fantastic minimalistic style whilst ensuring it still has your own unique twist. If you’re a big fan of minimalist design this is the perfect blog for you.

Décor Girl – How to use 2017 Colour of the Year Without Remodelling

Greenery. That’s the colour we’re all going to be using next year after Pantone announced it as their colour of the year for 2017. If you’re struggling to see how you’re going to incorporate it without a complete restyle you can now stop worrying, Décor Girl is here to help.

This blog quickly provides some great ideas for incorporating a splash of green into your home without breaking the bank or completely redecorating. It’s short, it’s sharp, it gives you exactly what you want, and it has lots of green. Perfect to quickly check out on your commute.

Mad About the House – The Househunter: Back for 2017

New year, same bloggers. We’re back with Kate Watson-Smyth for the second month in a row after she continued her much-loved series ‘The Househunter’ for 2017.

In this series, Kate finds amazing houses for sale online and analyses the design choices made. She discussed why certain choices work, why others don’t, and what could be done to improve the home. It gives you a great insight into the mind of an interior designer and is a wonderful resource for anyone currently in the process of decorating their own home.

The Lux Pad – Interior Design Trends 2017: Top Tips from the Experts

We’ll end this one with some predictions for 2017 courtesy of The Lux Pad and the team of experts they’ve questioned so we don’t have to.

The blog is nicely broken down into four sections: colour, material, fabric and pattern, and room design. In these sections, a range of predictions from experts in the interior design field are given on what we should expect to see over the coming year. It’s a great resource and will help you to stay right on trend over the next 12 months, ensuring another year of your friends being jealous of your amazing home!

Thank you for reading our latest issue of Material World. We’re always looking for new blogs to read and always end up missing things so Tweet us if you think we’ve missed out something amazing.