Sub Surface Collection

Humans have been fascinated by the minerals found beneath the surface of the earth for thousands of years, revering them for their beauty and mystic qualities. Delving into the world of minerals it is easy to see why these treasures from the ground have become so important to us; from graphite which has helped us to sketch to gold one of the most precious metals for adornment and value, mineral uses go beyond pure decoration and into the realms of science, one of the most astounding being piezoelectric resonance generated from quartz and used in computing science. This collection explores the colours, opacity, patterns, shapes and textures that have captivated us for millennia. Subtly textured fabrics and processes playing with light add an extra dimension to this collection.

Like to receive a sample before you order?

Colour can vary on natural base cloths between batches. We will always ensure any variances are within commercial tolerance.

Colour on computer monitors can vary greatly so we can not guarantee that colours shown here are truly representative of our fabrics. We strongly recommend visiting one of our selected stockists to view our pattern book.

If you would like a sample sent directly, please contact us with details of the designs and colour ways you are interested in.