Pilgrimage Collection

The natural world is always our inspiration, not only in its indigenous form but also how we are inspired, interact and appreciate the beauty of nature. Pilgrimage has evolved from a precious artefact; a Victorian handmade book of pressed flowers. It is the story of who created the book that is so captivating and how Earthed came across it. A member of the Forrester Paton family created the book in 1890 during a holiday to Egypt and Israel, a popular destination for aristocracy and wealthy business owners during the time. The book itself is entitled ‘Bible Plants’, where flowers from the holiday were hand picked and arranged with hand written Bible verses in which the fauna was mentioned.

Like to receive a sample before you order?

Colour can vary on natural base cloths between batches. We will always ensure any variances are within commercial tolerance.

Colour on computer monitors can vary greatly so we can not guarantee that colours shown here are truly representative of our fabrics. We strongly recommend visiting one of our selected stockists to view our pattern book.

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